Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 for Fun

I hit the pavement at approximately 0600 hours today....not knowing how far or how fast I was going to go. I have a 5K in STL tomorrow with family, so I wasn't really sure what to do today. It's been a pretty tough week in the gym and I had a super crappy 9 miler on Thursday....I was actually thinking today would be a rest day, is highly overrated (not really).

The weather was's so nice to run in May....without cold weather gear. The only issue was that is still seems like it takes 3-4 miles for my feet and legs to get comfortable with the new kicks. But, after I'm settled in, I turn it on. The first 4 miles I averaged around the slow 8:20s. I ended up doing 10.17 at an 8:07 ave pace. I really felt great towards the end....but the start was a little rocky.

I'm thinking I will take it easy at tomorrow's race....maybe I'll help Traci PR!

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