Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Omaha 6

Hello bloggies! It's been so long since we've talked! Oh how I have missed your company. Really. I have. Just messin' peeps! I haven't posted in a few weeks and I'll spare you the lame excuses of being too busy with work, family, blog-stalking, and...dang! See what I just did there? Anywho, this past weekend we drove to Omaha, Nebtaska to see my broseph before he does his thang. We had a blast...we all hit the zoo to see (my wife's relatives) some cool animals and stuff, we had some killer margaritas, and then my brohem and I had a little guy time and we managed to squeeze in some fish n chips and my very first bloody mary. So, yeah....we did some damage.

But, we also managed to knock out a freezing cold, wicked windy, stomach churning 6 miles. Seriously, my bra and I were sooo close to calling this one off. It could have been the fact that as soon as we stepped outside we were both nearly blown away by an Omaha hurricane. Or....maybe it was because we ran out of throwing stars and I left my numchucks at the hotel....let's face it, you gots to be packin these days. It's a good thing my ninja bro knows kung-fu.

While we were in Omaha my two sons decided it was time to start serving their country. I have to admit, I'm darn proud of my boys and seriously, it's about time they start earning their dues.

I was able to pound out a quick and sweaty 4.5 in the hotel fitness center/sauna before we started the drive back home. I was a sweaty mess, but it felt good sweat out some margarita goodness.

After all of the eating, drinking, and sweating was over with I had to shake my bro's hand and wish him well. It was an emotional moment, I'm not gonna's a good thing I don't cry. Ever. I love my bro and I can't even begin to tell you how proud of him I am.

Some people talk about it, others DO IT. Here's to those who serve, especially my bro. I'll see you in a few.

I knocked out a good 12.5 today at a nice and easy 8:22 ave pace. I'm ready for race day next weekend. I've decided that every step I take will be dedicated to my brother...I'll be finishing this one for him.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

13.1 Training Run...1:47:x

GREAT run today....FINALLY some gorgeous weather. Dr. C and I pushed it hard today (read: he made me go faster). We had planned to just do 12, but at the 12 mile mark we were pretty pleased with our pace and we knew that stopping short of a half marathon made no sense at all. So, we made 13.1 happen. We finished in 1:47.x at about an 8:10 average pace. If I can repeat today's run in Champaign in a few weeks I will be a happy runner dude.

Everything felt outstanding today....minus some chaffage. Note to self, buy Body Glide....and possibly some new running shorts. Me thinks I've got too many miles on the 3 pairs of shorts that I rotate through now.

Check this out....the wife hit her first double digit run today!!! 10 miles!!! AND, she did it in under a 10 min/mile pace!!! OUT-friggin-STANDING! She has come a LONG way in a very short time period. Pretty impressive stuff!

The wife about to make it happen! (and someone else sporting his new runner's briefs)