Monday, May 16, 2011

New Kicks!

Check it out, an early bday present from the wifey and kiddos!!! Nike Free2 with a runningonginnis spin! Make it Happen!!

I'm loving the new kicks! I broke them in with a local charity run on Saturday to benefit a very special person. It was suppose to be a 4 mile course, but the course wasn't marked well and everyone pretty ran a different distance. one was complaining....this one was for a great cause. Never stop running Sacha.

The weather was absolutely terrible...and I didn't even get any pictures. But, imagine almost everyone in a small town coming together to raise money for someone that needs to be lifted up. At first, the new shoes felt very strange....almost as if I had forgotten to put shoes on! I felt a bit I was going to slip and fall at any moment. My calves and shins were a little tight too, but overall I think I'll really like the shoes. I was in second place overall for most of the race, but then I lost the first place guy and pretty much had to guess where the route was. I finished with 3.76 miles. The first place guy finished with 3.5. Two other guys came up on me as I was trying to guess the route....not sure where they finished at. But, I'm pretty sure I came in at first place in the 3.76 mile race. :)

On Sunday I knocked out 10...also in crappy weather! Cold weather gear in May....really Illinois? Really??!!

My calves and shins felt tight for the first 4 miles...but after that, everything felt great. It seems like it took 4 miles or so for my legs and feet to get used to the new kicks. Seriously, the shoes were rockin. I finished at a 7:59 pace and definitely could have kept going longer and faster.

Here's to making it happen!!


  1. Awesome know I haven't been to the gym in the mornings for awhile, but now I am going tomorrow. You have inspired me again and again...thanks so much for keeping the dream alive. I will get there one day and when I will be the first one I hug...
    Keep up the great workouts and runs..YOU ARE AWESOME. Oh and give your family a high five on the shoes..they rock!!!!

  2. LOVE THE SHOES!!! Thank you so much for the link...I sent it to my dad wahoo! Great pace and I am glad your legs loosened up after mile 4!!!