Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Blues Much?

In my previous life I always looked forward to the winter season because it meant sweaters to hide in, no swimming pools, and Irish hot cocoa every night. :), I'm really ready for some warmer weather. I'm ready for long runs outside, I'm ready for swimming pools (seriously!), I'm ready for shorts and t-shirts, and I'm ready for a nice cold Mich Ultra after pounding the pavement for a few hours. I sure hope warmer weather is in the forecast soon!

This weather is taking its toll on a lot of do you stay motivated during the winter?

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Official!! Chicago 2010!!

Dear Curt,
Congratulations! You are now registered for Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Please check the event's official website for updates:

What am I thinking??? Another item to cross off on my bucket list I suppose. I'll start my official training plan after the U of I half on May 1st. Here we go Chicago!!

PRs Out the Wazoo

Another week, another 7 mile PR. I went from a 55:37 PR down to 55:10! I'm really starting to feel good on those 7 milers!! I'm starting to wonder if I should bump them up to 8 milers?... I had a pretty high mileage week. The run schedule was a bit off, but my Saturday to Saturday mileage was around 47.5 miles (normally my mileage starts the day after my long run and ends on a long run).

Saturday: 11 miles outside (too slow!)
Sunday: Fast 2 mile sprint, abs
Monday: 5 mile, 7:55 pace, chest
Tuesday: 7 miles, 7:54 pace, abs & LEGS
Wednesday: 20 minutes ellpitical, back, lats, & arms
Thursday: 10.49, 8:07 pace, abs
Friday: arms, shoulders, & pushups
Saturday: 12.1 treadmill, 1:38:10 (still on track for a new half marathon PR!!!)

P.S. Today I shall register for the CHICAGO MARATHON!!!!!