Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Men's Health

I had my Men's Health Magazine photo shoot yesterday! It was an interesting experience. We met the photographer at around noon at his studio/apartment in Chicago. He was extremely nice and he really took his time with everything...I'll be very interested to see how the pics turn out.

We shot a few pics at his studio and then we went to a 'cool' Chicago gym (David Barton Gym) for some strength training pics. I did a lot of exercises ranging from bench press, to crunches, to pushups....I actually ended up getting a decent workout in! The gym was very interesting...it felt more like a club, but once we got to the fitness area it was pretty solid. Lots of great equipment and a really cool vibe. It did feel a little strange doing exercises with all kinds of lighting and camera equipment set up around me. The other gym-goers didn't seem to mind and the gym staff were extremely friendly. The pic that I've posted is from the gym lobby...in one of their 'cool comfortable' chairs... :)

After about 5 hours, we walked outside to get some pics of me running along the Chicago River. BTW, I was told to bring sleeveless shirts and running shorts....but, at the last second I decided to toss in my new Nike running jacket. Luckily the photographer seemed to like the jacket so I was able to keep it on for the river pics. But, it was still a very cold Chicago evening and I was freezing....a sacrifice I was willing to make for the good of Men's Health :)

I'll be in the April issue which will come out in March. The whole thing is still pretty crazy to me....I still feel like someone is playing a joke on me. Quite an experience...and quite a reward for working so hard over the past 18 months. But, I'm convinced that if I can do it...YOU can too!!

P.S. I went and scouted some gyms with my pops today....he and my mom are going to be joining one next week!!!!!! My dad has been a significant source of motivation to me on my fitness journey....I can't wait to see him start his.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Do It

Finally....I scored some cold weather gear!! After months of endless online surfing, store browsing, and visions of running tights dancing in my head, I finally landed on some solid CWG. If you can't tell, I decided to go with the Nike gear. I'm completely Nike'd out from head to toe....err, head to ankle (shoes are NB and socks are DryMax).

I just did 10 miles in some pretty heavy snow and some chilling winds (around 26 degrees). For the most part, I was very comfortable. When I ran into the wind my hands got a little cold. But, my LiveStrong running gloves probably aren't made to be wind resistant ($20). The tights were perfect...my legs stayed dry and warm. I have to admit....I never thought I would be running outside in a pair of tights. It feels good to be so comfortable with my masculinity..... Anyway, the Nike thermal jacket and the thermal mock long sleeve shirt were outstanding. But, today's CWG surprise goes to the Nike ninja mask (thanks Mrs CJ)!! The hood and face mask are surprisingly warm!

I was also able to take a Garmin 405 for a test drive today. I LOVE IT. I need one......it was nice to look down and know how I was doing on pace, distance, and time (I think it does your taxes too?). I shall have one of my own....

It felt great to be outside again.....I feel refreshed, but most important...I feel warm!

P.S. Tomorrow I get to pick up my new running shoes! My New Balance 1063s are being replaced with the new model (1064) due to a minor defect. I keep hearing how the 1064 has really improved the minor flaws of the 1063. I can't wait to get some miles on them!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Running in a Winter Wonderland

I did about 11 miles today....outside. It was 22 degrees out when we started. Luckily I was with a buddy who happen to have some solid cold weather gear for me. But....I was reminded again how much I need to invest in some cold weather running gear for myself. I'm currently in the market for the following items: Cold weather compression tights, running gloves, and a running cap

I know the gloves and cap will be easy to find...but, I've been looking for compression tights for several weeks now and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. If you have some good suggestions please comment!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Treadmill Blues

Well, it's been a while since my last real post.....so here goes. The past several weeks have been full of good eats and 'minimized' workouts. I was either dealing with sick kiddos during the week of Thanksgiving, or I was dealing with a sick Curto.

Yep, I caught the bug and it sucked. I was planning to do a race in East Peoria on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but I was a sick little boy....I did however, manage to win a nice hand in the annual Thanksgiving Poker Tournament. I spent most of the week after Thanksgiving recovering (from the sickness....and from poker night). I was still able to get a few decent workouts in, but something still wasn't right.

For some reason, my side cramp keeps coming back and it's having a serious impact on my running. It's no ordinary side cramp either....I can usually run through the standard cramp...but these are painful. Very painful. I think what I'm experiencing is known as a side stitch. It's a sharp pain just under my rib cage on the right side of my body. It sucks. Sooo....I did a little research, talked to some resident experts (one told me it might be a flesh eating disease?)....and the last couple of runs have been much better. I still feel the stitch, but it's not as painful. To remedy....I'm doing some yoga-like stretches before my runs, I'm cutting back on my pre-run snack/drink combo, and I'm trying hard to focus on deep breaths during runs. So far, things seem to be going well. Let's hope it is just a side stitch and not a flesh eating disease. :)

Also, while I've had to cut back on the running....I've modified the strength training a bit. Just to mix things up over the past week or so, I've decreased my reps and increased my weights. I think I might keep mixing things up every couple of weeks or so.

Monday: 5.18miles, 40 min, 7:44 pace and BIG chest

Tuesday: 7 miles, 58:10, 8:27 pace (bad side stitch), and abs

Wednesday: Planned to do a 5 mile run, but the side stitch came back hard core within 10 minutes of running....so I did about 15 minutes and then switch to the evil stairmaster for 15 minutes of torture....then did BIG lats and back

Thursday: REST (not feeling great)

Friday: 6 miles, 49:39, 8:13 pace, and BIG arms & shoulders (yeah!)

Saturday: Christmas shopping...ALL day (scored some sweet clothes...and bought the wife a new coat!)

Sunday: 2 miles 17:30? (slow....focusing on side stitch breathing....then had to make a quick latrine break), got back on the treadmill and did 10 miles, 83:33, 8:20 pace (YEAH side st(b)itch!!)

Total Mileage: 31.x
Weigh-In: 157.4?? (seriously....how did I drop more weight?)

I'm hoping that I'm completely finished with this sick and weak feeling!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Amazing Disappearing Ginnis Boys

Here's a pic of me (red shirt) and my uncle (brown metro shirt)... :)

I'm down 100+ and he's down 180lbs!!!! I'm not gonna lie folks...we look good. :)