Friday, December 31, 2010

If It Ain't Rainin, We Ain't Trainin

It's December 31st and it's nearly 60 degrees outside...perfect day for a run, right?? Oh, did I mention that it's also pouring down rain and there are tornado warnings??!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, screw the elements. If you want to make it happen then sometimes you just gotta say what the F....and let it roll. 7 miles later and I feel fantastic...just like I knew I would. Thanks to my new Northface jacket for keeping me dry, my Nike tights for keeping my legs fresh, and my wicked tunes for keeping me motivated.

Here to making it happen on New Year's Eve!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ho Ho GO!!

Merry Christmas loyal readers!! I hope this holiday season finds you all healthy, fit, and running on ginnis. I was certainly feeling the sluggishness of the holiday feasting this morning....I knew the only cure was to get out and make it happen. I knocked out 10 solid miles on the dreadmill. It felt fantastic. I have to admit, the first 3-4 were pretty rough....visions of sugar plums were dancing in my...belly. But, I stuck with it and made it to 10. YEAH, take that Rudolph!!!

When I got home from the gym even the wife was feeling the Christmas feasting blues, so.....

She rocked the ninja gear and went for a stroll!!! Here's to making it happen ninja style!!!

Heck, even Ty got in on the exercise bug today!!

Bouncy style!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not Dead Yet!

That's right folks, I'm still alive. I've still been putting in the miles on the dreadmill and I've still been hitting the weights. But, clearly....I have not been blogging much. After today's 11.5 miles I just couldn't refuse a quick update for my loyal readers.

I must admit, the winter running season is already getting a bit old. I've been logging around 30 miles per week, all on the dreadmill. I'm really not training for next half marathon is at the end of April and I'm sure I'll do a few shorter races (St Pat's 5K!)....but, you know how it still gots to put the miles in to keep the pounds off!

So here's to making it happen, even when there's snow on the ground yo!